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What is actually involved in an excavation?

June 5, 2019

Every high-quality landscaping job begins with excavation, but have you ever wondered what is actually involved in the process? Wonder no more! Below we explain to you what excavation is and the process that’s involved.

Excavation is basically the process of digging something up, whether it’s the ground, gardens or even a pool. This could be earth, rock or other organic matter. It’s the key to laying the foundations for good landscaping.

Firstly, a land survey will be conducted.

Before any excavation continues, the contractor surveys the site. This allows them to document the size, nearby structures, soil type, neighbouring houses, obstacles both above and below ground such as buried pipes or trees and any nearby wildlife. This process allows a contractor to assess what type of supplies and equipment will be required for the job.

Next, permits will be acquired for the job to be conducted both safely and legally. This means providing all of their own safety equipment, and possessing the required expertise to prevent environmental damage, soil erosion, and dangers to wildlife, people, and property.

Lastly, the contractor does the necessary work agreed upon and the cleanup post-project. This typically involves digging rocks and dirt, and land clearing to remove any plants or trees. The work site may be graded using soil, rocks, sand, or gravel, which will then be packed down to make the building site level.

And that’s pretty much the process!

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