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How to make your garden Instagram worthy

May 5, 2019

Instagram is associated with beautiful pictures that we desire to recreate, whether it’s in fashion, home decor, or even our gardens. If you want a picture-perfect Instagram worthy garden, then keep reading. Below we provide some top tips!

1. Make it a clean design

When designing your garden, consider the overall goal of what you’d like it to look like. Don’t use lots of different design ideas that can create a confused and clustered look. Rather, stick to one design element and create a clean garden that looks both beautiful and professional.

2. Make it bright

Nothing says Instagram worthy than a garden that makes use of beautiful flowers and flower beds. The brighter the plants the better. A good approach is to choose a colour scheme for your plants. For example, you could include a rose garden patch with beautiful red and white roses, or opt for flowers in pastels tones such as purple, pink and peaches combined with white flowers. This creates a perfect balance of colours. Plus, an Instagram filter will make them flowers pop even brighter!

3. Use lighting

Fairy lights and hanging lights in the garden are the keys to an Instagram worthy garden. You can hang fairy lights across fences in different shades to compliment the flower colours, or even wrap them around long trees or tall plants for an extra effect.

If you have hanging flowers baskets, pop little lights in there too, and when the sun starts to drift in, you’ll have the perfect lighting to capture the beautiful garden flowers.

4. Get creative!

Use unique containers to hold your plants and flowers such as vintage boxes or colourful glasses. Or, opt for bright and colourful water features, or other garden ornaments that bring a unique element to your garden. Add peaks of your personality and you’ll create an Instagram worthy garden that’s reflective of you.

Before you begin decorating the perfect garden, you’ll need to get the overall design in order. Thankfully, Wayne’s landscaping can help with the gardening and get you on the road to an Instagram worthy garden. Get in touch today to find out more.

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