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Here is why you should use natural stone for your home

February 5, 2019

There is an increased interest in creating timeless, beautiful homes that are also sustainable. With such an array of design options and materials on the market, natural stone is a perfect choice for meeting all your needs whilst enhancing the overall sustainability of your home. Natural stone is versatile and can help you achieve the perfect aesthetic, performance, and cost goals on both the interior and exterior of your home.

Below we discuss the top reasons why you should use natural stone in your home.

1. It’s natural!

Stone is a natural product of the Earth. It doesn’t need other resources or materials to create it and there is an abundant supply of it offering different textures, veining, colours, and shapes. This makes it possible for a stone to be used for a wide range of things including landscaping.

2. It’s Very Durable

Stone has always stood the test of time. Natural stone will also enhance the value of your home whilst reducing the need to replace materials. Stones such as limestone, slate, granite and travertine all age gracefully, providing years of use. Natural stone can easily handle high traffic areas and can be designed to last years and years.

3. Easy Care And Maintenance

If you ensure it’s maintained well, then the natural stone can last you years and always look beautiful. There is also a wide variety of fabrication finishes and options which can be applied to a natural stone that will help to enhance its performance.

4. It’s Recyclable

Natural stone is fully recyclable and has the potential to serve lots of different purposes and uses over its lifetime. Recycling and salvaging stone is a very viable option and there are many potential applications and uses for salvaged and recycled stone. For example, you could disassemble an old stone building and reform it for retaining walls, paving materials or an exterior facade.

If you’re interested in using natural stone at your home, then why not get in touch with Wayne’s Landscaping to see how we can help.

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