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Amazing landscapes you can build in compact spaces

July 5, 2019

Do you find yourself with a small space to landscape? That doesn’t mean you can’t think big and amazing. Lots of homeowners today find themselves with smaller lots and bigger houses, which means they have compact areas to landscape. Often this can lead to frustration due to the lack of the space and they give up trying.

This shouldn’t be the case! Below we discuss amazing landscapes you can build in compact spaces.

1. Take Advantage Of The Power of Perspective

Straight, long lines trick you into thinking a small garden or yard landscape is bigger than it is. You can take full advantage of this illusion by subtly slanting the far end of the lines toward one another to create a focal point. A fence could do the job and is enhanced by repeating rows of flowers.

2. Create A One-of-a-Kind Small-Space With Vertical Features

You can create an element of uniqueness by using a selection of small space landscape garden ideas. They’ll help your small garden landscape feel bigger. One trick that is easier than it looks is espaliering. You can use it to dress up a house wall or plain shed in a small garden.

3. Take Advantage of Texture and Foliage

Bold, big tropical plants create a lush feel in a garden, particularly in a small landscape. Their large leaves can alter the scale of a small backyard to allow it to feel larger. Plus, their unusual shape helps to boost the “cool” vibe of the garden.

4. Raise Planting Areas

You can help give your back or front garden a new sense of space and height simply by raising up your plants by a foot or two. If you use retaining walls or formal raised beds and you integrate them with other features like stairs, then you create a pretty visual distraction by moving the eye up rather than focusing on the lack of square footage in the area.

If you need some help creating the perfect garden landscape, even in a small area, get in touch with Wayne’s landscaping to see how we can you transform your small space.

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