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6 Money saving landscape tips

October 5, 2019

The landscape of your home automatically becomes part of the overall home’s look. So, adding a good landscape can make your home look more inviting and creates a beautiful outdoor aura.

However, some people avoid landscaping as they worry that it will cost them a lot of money. This isn’t true, a simple landscape won’t cost as much as you think. You can actually do landscaping even if you are low on budget, so we’ve provided six money-saving landscape tips.

1. Plan well

Planning is important, especially if you’re thinking of buying new items. Before you do anything, plan each detail even before you begin landscaping to avoid wasting effort, materials, and time. You can sketch your rough landscape design on paper so you will know what you really need.

2. Re-arrange plants

One easy way to create a new look in your garden without spending a lot of money is to re-arrange your plants. You could arrange your plants in groups to create divisions in your garden, or you can create a single-file row of plants along a foundation. Why not even mix and match the type of plants.

3. Use stones

Stones are a great way to bring something new to the garden. Gather stones around your garden and use them for decoration. You could even paint your stones and arrange them creatively around the garden. Use your imagination.

4. Purchase plants at the right time

Depending on the time of year, some plants are a lot cheaper than others. The majority of the time, plants are cheaper when its autumn, and it’s also a great time for planting as the plants will develop roots before the summer season arrives, helping them to thrive!

5. Create your own compost

You can save money on landscaping by creating your own compost. By using your own food scraps and garden waste, you can stock up on nutrient-rich fertiliser for your plants. This particularly cost saving if you’ve got a large garden and require multiple bags of compost.

6. Know when to hire help

Whilst it’s always a great idea to inspire yourself, you also need to bear in mind that there is a time and place to hire professionals. For example, if you require expert advice about water features, or ponds, or even construction of paving or decking then it’s always worth getting a professional landscaping company in for advice and help.

If you’re interested in some help and assistance, then get in touch with Wayne’s Landscaping to see how we can help.

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