Wayne's Landscaping and Excavation
New Home Landscaping

Every new home deserves new landscaping that perfectly complements its exterior.

At Wayne’s Landscaping & Excavation, we believe as homeowners, you deserve a front garden and backyard that reflects your individual style and works for you.

We specialize in transforming new-build blank-slates into unique and bespoke landscape designs to be enjoyed for years to come.

Our team is well-equipped to overcome challenges and manage the many landscaping variables that can arise on new home sites.

Whether it be a sloping block, poor drainage, too much sun or shade, or a lack of privacy we never fail to deliver creative new home landscaping solutions that meet your needs and wants.

The things we consider before we transform your new home landscaping:

  • How you plan to use your outdoor space. We work out how the space will be used along with the size, layout, and natural elements of your outdoor area.
  • How much time you want to spend maintaining your lawn and garden. We build spaces that complement your lifestyle and your new home.
  • Estate guidelines and local council rules and restrictions. We can landscape in a style and manner that meets all necessary requirements from turf and plant selection guidelines to council water usage rules.
  • The mature height of trees and shrubs and positioning of plants. We make sure plants and trees are positioned at a safe and practical distance from your house to avoid issues and damage down the track.
  • Whether you have children or pets. We create environments that allow the right amount of security and space to meet your needs.

Creating great outdoor spaces requires careful planning and preparation, so feel free to contact us at any stage through the construction process to start the conversation.

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