Wayne's Landscaping and Excavation


New Home Landscaping

We specialise in transforming new-build blank-slates into unique and bespoke landscape designs to be enjoyed for years to come.

Whether it be a sloping block, poor drainage, too much sun or shade, or a lack of privacy we never fail to deliver creative new home landscaping solutions that meet your needs and wants.


Lush, green turf looks great, improves the value of your property, offers health and environmental benefits and is an affordable option for your front and backyards.

Wayne’s Landscaping & Excavation have been laying different varieties of turf in residential spaces across Sydney for over 30 years.


At Wayne’s Landscaping & Excavation we are licensed and experienced excavation operators for residential, commercial, and industrial landscapes.

Modern, suburban homes often have tight or limited access to the backyard due to narrow side gates. Our excavation machinery caters to all size and manner of residential excavation jobs, including sites with difficult access.


With so many fencing choices now on the market, your selection of fence style, colour, materials, and installation can set your home apart from the rest of the neighbourhood.

We can construct retaining walls to serve as a footing for the fence using timber sleepers or stackable blocks along with galvanised steel or wooden support posts.

Retaining Walls

Wood and block retaining walls are used in gardens and landscaped exteriors to prevent soil erosion, provide property levelling, and protect the buildings and adjoining structures on your property from any possible damage.

They can also enhance the appearance of your yard and create additional gardening space within your landscape, so you get the most use out of your property, no matter the size or layout.

Garden Beds

Garden beds can dramatically shape the look and feel of your home exterior without creating an overly formal and manicured garden design.

At Wayne’s Landscaping & Excavation we work with you to build unique wood and block garden beds and garden edging that complement your home and your personality.